Track 3 -Seize the Day – Epic Orchestral Jangle Rock

Who knows the dangers we might meet?

Inspired by listening to the book To Rule the Waves by Arthur Herman, about the British Navy and Herrmann’s The Great Age of Discovery about great explorers I have written a track called Seize the Day. These chaps must’ve had balls of steel. Heading out into the unknown. Makes our over scrutinized lives seem rather small in comparison.



I have used this painting as the base for the artwork to go with the single. For more information about the painting click here.

Seize the Day

Throw the dice and say your prayers

The World is yours, if you dare


Who knows the dangers we might meet?

Crashing waves or the guns of the mighty Spanish Fleet

It’s the great adventure of our time

I’ve got the chance to know what is or isn’t mine


And this ripple could become a mighty wave

No-one knows if their souls are ever safe

So, they should seize the day

Carpe diem

Carpe diem


In a burning sun on a breathless sea

With thoughts of home and a waiting Virgin Queen


Francis Drake and the Golden Hind

Lived on hope of all the treasure he might find

Who knows the dangers we might meet


Words by Stuart James Wright (Copyright 2018 Stuart Wright Music)


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