First Impressions

You only get one chance to make a first impression and it has always been a struggle to choose which song should be let out to stake my claim to a listener’s time. After spending countless weeks recording and fine tuning a song it is hard to choose. Usually the latest one gets preferential treatment but It would be unrealistic to think that it will always be the best song to draw people into the rest of the catalog.

So I’ve decided to divide the number of listens by the number of downloads on a per song basis and the one with the lowest ratio gets to go top of the list. The rest are to be sorted by my personal whim. 
By that method Why Did She Leave is winning by a country mile with a ratio of 1 download for every 4.5 listens. Pieces of Gold and I Lie Bleeding share second place with a ratio of 1:8 
The only drawback is that the second two seem to be getting the more positive comments so it may be I should justo keep rotating the songs round. Decisions, decisions…….