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Seize the Day – Epic Orchestral Jangle Rock

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OUT NOW – Who knows the dangers we might meet? Inspired by listening to the book To Rule the Waves by Arthur Herman, about the British Navy and Herrmann’s The Great Age of Discovery about great explorers I have written a track called Seize the Day. These chaps must’ve had balls of steel. Heading out […]

Crowd Reviews – Not for the faint hearted

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When I finish a new song I sometimes submit the finished recording to a blind test using a crowd reviewing service. This then helps me by highlighting what the average listener thinks of my song and from this I can make changes if I feel it’s appropriate or promote it to certain sets of people. […]

A Little Self Promotion

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A Little Self Promotion – Spreading the Word Over the years I’ve tried to promote my music with whatever the current trend is. So, in the 80’s, I would record demos onto cassettes and then either give them away or sell them to anyone who might listen. In the early 90’s this progressed to putting […]

Days of our Lives – Spotify Playlist

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Days of our Lives – Spotify Playlist This Spotify playlist features a few of the tracks that have influenced the songs on my upcoming CD/Album “Days of Our Lives”. (Might be two EP’s yet) I’m not one of these people that hate on Spotify for the bad deal they are giving Artists. As someone who […]

Take This Smile – New Lyric Video

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I’ve not had a great deal of time this last week so I’m delighted to have come across This had allowed me to make a completely new lyric video for Take This Smile for less than a tenner. I remastered the sound at the same time. I have no plans at the mo to […]

Pieces of Gold

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So I’ve made a stab at compiling a lyric video for old favorite “Pieces of Gold”. I’m not so sure about the layout of the words and might come back to it once I’ve really got my head around the Adobe … Ooops…… you need to be logged in as a VIP Supporter to access […]

Live at Last

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I finally got myself into gear and performed a 40 minute set at the Howden Shire Hall last Friday, (March 23rd). Apart from a bit of a brain fade with the capo on Bringing the Harvest Home it proved to be an excellent gig. First public airing of Day’s End as a song rather than […]

New Songs update

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I seem to have spent the last 9 months treading water while I get the lyrics written for the surplus of tunes I’ve already recorded. This has given me a chance to learn how to get more out of the orchestration and I’m really pleased at the Jangle Pop folkie vibe that’s come out of the […]

First Impressions

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You only get one chance to make a first impression and it has always been a struggle to choose which song should be let out to stake my claim to a listener’s time. After spending countless weeks recording and fine tuning a song it is hard to choose. Usually the latest one gets preferential treatment […]

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