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This LP of 9 songs has taken me over 2 years to record and produce but it has taken me a lifetime to write. I am finally Bringing the Harvest Home after years of sowing the seeds of songwriting and recording. I’ve gone back and found my favorite songs from my catalog and put together this “best of” collection. Some of the tracks are brand new, some are re-imaginings of previous releases and some are old songs I never had the chance to record before. I am proud of the end results and so I am giving you the chance to listen to this collection for free…

I am a completely independent artist with no ties to a record label, manager or anyone that can tell me what direction I should take.

Here’s a few reviews of some of the tracks included in the selection….

““Why Did She Leave has a highly catchy beat that I would listen to over and over again. It definitely has a build up which I enjoy and it’s overall “trippy.” He has a way of speaking his words that it relaxes me. The guitar is chill as well.””— Soundout Review 

I Lie Bleeding is a masterpiece”— Tom Hedrick 

“The music certainly sets the mood, if you know what I mean. The vocals are astounding, his voice is truly a gift. I can sense the emotions and sense time slowing down along with his voice. The clarity is great, catchy tune, good lyrics. This is a great song.””— Soundout Review 

“Very catchy pop songs. Reminds me of The Cars,The Thompson Twins etc. combined with an amazing voice. Kudos to you Sir.”— Saint of the Echo  

Track 3 -Seize the Day – Epic Orchestral Jangle Rock

Who knows the dangers we might meet?

Inspired by listening to the book To Rule the Waves by Arthur Herman, about the British Navy and Herrmann’s The Great Age of Discovery about great explorers I have written a track called Seize the Day. These chaps must’ve had balls of steel. Heading out into the unknown. Makes our over scrutinized lives seem rather small in comparison.



I have used this painting as the base for the artwork to go with the single. For more information about the painting click here.

Seize the Day

Throw the dice and say your prayers

The World is yours, if you dare


Who knows the dangers we might meet?

Crashing waves or the guns of the mighty Spanish Fleet

It’s the great adventure of our time

I’ve got the chance to know what is or isn’t mine


And this ripple could become a mighty wave

No-one knows if their souls are ever safe

So, they should seize the day

Carpe diem

Carpe diem


In a burning sun on a breathless sea

With thoughts of home and a waiting Virgin Queen


Francis Drake and the Golden Hind

Lived on hope of all the treasure he might find

Who knows the dangers we might meet


Words by Stuart James Wright (Copyright 2018 Stuart Wright Music)


Crowd Reviews – Not for the faint hearted

When I finish a new song I sometimes submit the finished recording to a blind test using a crowd reviewing service. This then helps me by highlighting what the average listener thinks of my song and from this I can make changes if I feel it’s appropriate or promote it to certain sets of people.

Anyhow, I’ve just got a Crowd Review back for “Bringing the Harvest Home” and for your entertainment I am posting a link to the final report here. 

Crowd Review 29162722_175189 Bringing the Harvest Home

It just goes to show that you can’t expect to please all the people all the time but you can really please some of the people some of the time.

Now excuse me while I go find these 10% who say they would buy the CD. 




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Monday 10th 2019 – 8pm BST


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Monday June 3rd 2019

I DON’T TOUR. As a father, husband, and bloke with a day job that pays the bills, it just doesn’t make sense to be on the road. So since July last year, I’ve been having a great time singing songs every Monday evening at 8 pm BST, on Facebook live along with my longtime friend and demon bass player, Rich Hall.

It’s really amazing;  I’m in my home studio singing into the ether (actually I’m singing to a wall with a Beatles poster and signed Leeds United away shirt), and meanwhile people have been tuning in from as far away as the USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Each session is a mix of new stuff, specially selected covers, things we’ve just learned, songs I barely know the words to, and old originals I’ve played a thousand times.

Now the live stream is shown on this pages as it happens and is then available to watch for the rest of the week. You can also catch us on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook Live. I would love for you to join us, listen to a few songs, say eyup, and maybe even make a request. 

See you soon,








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A Little Self Promotion

A Little Self Promotion – Spreading the Word

Over the years I’ve tried to promote my music with whatever the current trend is. So, in the 80’s, I would record demos onto cassettes and then either give them away or sell them to anyone who might listen. In the early 90’s this progressed to putting out my own 7″ single and once again pushing it to anyone who might help further my career. This led to interest from 5 labels and the chance to be “signed”, but this came to nought and I was back to recording and releasing songs on my own ShowSnaps “label”.

At the end of the 90’s I took to the World Wide Web and hoped to make a killing, but I was probably 5 years too soon. Download speeds were too slow and the web pages that could be created were not appealing.

So, moving on to the 00’s through to the present day I have continued to improve my web site and I use Facebook and email newsletters to promote my latest songs and having a major label deal is no longer something to be desired.

Over time I’ve garnered quite a few good reviews and I’ve used these to back up my promotional activities, but due to family commitments I’ve only just started getting back to doing live work which is a great way to get my music into the ears of potential followers.

I need your support

The problem I have now is that Facebook make me pay to get my posts in front of more than a small fraction of your followers and therefore my reach is seriously restricted. The only way I gain any traction on Facebook is if someone shares my posts, otherwise it can easily cost me more than I can hope to make. So the most cost effective way for me to stay in touch with my followers is to ask them to sign up to my email newsletter. 

Every time someone shares my songs or signs up as a VIP supporter I dance a happy dance. So, if you read my posts or listen to my music and enjoy the experience please don’t be shy in signing up to become a VIP Supporter or sharing my posts. It goes a long way towards making the ship stay afloat.




Vinyl, Abbey Road and Pieces of Gold

Vinyl, Abbey Road and Pieces of Gold

With the current trend of bands returning to releasing vinyl records I’ve cast my mind back to 1990 and the making of Pieces of Gold.

I recorded & mixed four tracks in my studio at Warp Farm throughout January and February and then put them out on a cassette to see which two tracks would be the best for a single. Once everyone had chipped in with their thoughts we decided on Mandy is Missing and Pieces of Gold.

In June, I went down to Abbey Road studios in London to finish the mastering and cut the master lacquer. At the time Mandy is Missing was slated for the A side and Pieces of Gold the B side.  I went down to observe and was very impressed by how much they were able to do. The mastering engineer had just finished working on MC Hammer’s latest single.

My songs were both over 4 mins 20 secs and therefore getting a bit on the long side. This meant that we couldn’t have the bass as “deep” as we would have liked. The options were: edit it down to 3 and a half mins, release it on 12 inch or leave it alone. We left it alone and I was still overjoyed at the end result.

When we passed around the test copy it soon became apparent that Pieces was going to be more instantly popular than Mandy. So, we put it out as a double A under our band name 1159. This set off a sequence of events. Firstly we got some good reviews in the music press which then got 5 record labels asking to meet up with us and the chance of a major deal. Secondly we got a letter from another band called 1159 threatening legal action if we continued to use the name. This led to me having to get the singles re-stickered that had already been manufactured. It was at this point I decided that I would always put stuff out under my own name since it is my belief that you can’t sue someone for using their own name.


Below is the video of the new recording of “Pieces of Gold”, March 2018.



Days of our Lives – Spotify Playlist

Days of our Lives – Spotify Playlist

This Spotify playlist features a few of the tracks that have influenced the songs on my upcoming CD/Album “Days of Our Lives”. (Might be two EP’s yet)

I’m not one of these people that hate on Spotify for the bad deal they are giving Artists. As someone who owns all the rights to my own material if I was to get a good number of plays on Spotify the revenue could add up and go towards my recording costs etc.

To this end I have a Spotify playlist that I would love everyone to listen to, follow and share.

I’ve included a few of my own tracks alongside some of the songs that have inspired me over the years.



Sound on Sound

Sound on Sound

These days my computer allows me to record as many crystal clear tracks as I like, probably too many, but when I recorded my first song things were a whole lot different.

I was 10 years old and I had a Philips cassette player/recorder. It could record one take and play it back. I remember my brother used it to record Bohemian Rhapsody off Top of The Pops, the first time it was in the charts.

Anyway, I would record myself strumming away then play and sing along with the recording. And that was it until in ’78 we got a stereo sound system with another cassette recorder built in.

Now I could play and sing along to my first recording using the Philips and record the result on the new system. This is like a LoFi version of what loopers do these days.

The problem with this is that if you then take the resulting recording and try to do it again and add a third “track” the resultant hiss is generally unbearable and there is little in the way you can “mix” the track. Great for song writing ideas though.

So with a £16 cassette recorder and a bit off ingenuity my song writing and recording career was on it’s way.


This one’s similar but not quite the same as the one we had. This one looks a bit posher.