A Little Self Promotion

A Little Self Promotion – Spreading the Word

Over the years I’ve tried to promote my music with whatever the current trend is. So, in the 80’s, I would record demos onto cassettes and then either give them away or sell them to anyone who might listen. In the early 90’s this progressed to putting out my own 7″ single and once again pushing it to anyone who might help further my career. This led to interest from 5 labels and the chance to be “signed”, but this came to nought and I was back to recording and releasing songs on my own ShowSnaps “label”.

At the end of the 90’s I took to the World Wide Web and hoped to make a killing, but I was probably 5 years too soon. Download speeds were too slow and the web pages that could be created were not appealing.

So, moving on to the 00’s through to the present day I have continued to improve my web site and I use Facebook and email newsletters to promote my latest songs and having a major label deal is no longer something to be desired.

Over time I’ve garnered quite a few good reviews and I’ve used these to back up my promotional activities, but due to family commitments I’ve only just started getting back to doing live work which is a great way to get my music into the ears of potential followers.

I need your support

The problem I have now is that Facebook make me pay to get my posts in front of more than a small fraction of your followers and therefore my reach is seriously restricted. The only way I gain any traction on Facebook is if someone shares my posts, otherwise it can easily cost me more than I can hope to make. So the most cost effective way for me to stay in touch with my followers is to ask them to sign up to my email newsletter. 

Every time someone shares my songs or signs up as a VIP supporter I dance a happy dance. So, if you read my posts or listen to my music and enjoy the experience please don’t be shy in signing up to become a VIP Supporter or sharing my posts. It goes a long way towards making the ship stay afloat.




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