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This LP of 10 songs has taken me over 2 years to record and produce but it has taken me a lifetime to write. I am finally Bringing the Harvest Home after years of sowing the seeds of songwriting and recording. I’ve gone back and found my favorite songs from my catalog and put together this “best of” collection. Some of the tracks are brand new, some are re-imaginings of previous releases and some are old songs I never had the chance to record before. I am proud of the end results and so I am giving you the chance to listen to this collection for free…


I am a completely independent artist with no ties to a record label, manager or anyone that can tell me what direction I should take.

Here’s a few reviews of some of the tracks included in the selection….

““Why Did She Leave has a highly catchy beat that I would listen to over and over again. It definitely has a build up which I enjoy and it’s overall “trippy.” He has a way of speaking his words that it relaxes me. The guitar is chill as well.””— Soundout Review 

“I Lie Bleeding is a masterpiece”— Tom Hedrick 

“The music certainly sets the mood, if you know what I mean. The vocals are astounding, his voice is truly a gift. I can sense the emotions and sense time slowing down along with his voice. The clarity is great, catchy tune, good lyrics. This is a great song.””— Soundout Review 

“Very catchy pop songs. Reminds me of The Cars,The Thompson Twins etc. combined with an amazing voice. Kudos to you Sir.”— Saint of the Echo